YORK City Knights boss James Ford has dismissed concerns of a potential flare-up between Ash Robson and Chris Taylor in today's League One play-off - saying Robson "probably doesn't know who he is".

Full-back Robson returns to action after a six-match ban handed down for spitting - an allegation made by Whitehaven centre Taylor during the the regular season meeting between the sides in June, and one the former York Acorn junior has always denied.

The pair are set to reacquaint on the pitch today (3pm), but Ford's focus was not on that issue but rather what the former Castleford ace brings to his team.

Asked if the game would have extra spice for Robson in the circumstances, Ford said: "I've not spoken to Ash about that. I'm just really pleased to have him back out there.

"He's a massive player for us. He can win a game out of nothing and turn a game for us.

"He has so much energy, he's hard to handle with his strength, pace and evasiveness.

"It's great for the league that he's back out on the field.

"Supporters want to watch Ash Robson. He's brilliant and at times frustrating - he's everything people pay to watch. It's fitting he's back for the play-offs."

Asked about Taylor potentially going face-to-face to Robson, Ford said: "If Chris Taylor is going to tackle him, he's going to have to get it right because Ash is hard to handle. That goes for anybody - Ash can cause problems for anybody.

"If I'm honest, Ash probably doesn't know who Chris Taylor is. He will just go out there, run around, cause problems and be a special player.

"I'm looking forward to seeing him back in action."

Ford also had no concerns that Robson could be a bit rusty - his last outing having been the memorable win over full-time champions Toronto on July 30.

Ford said: "Ash is looking really good in training. He's been buzzing around annoying the socks off the coaching staff. He's been full of energy, he looks strong and sharp, he's been making good decisions - he actually looks like a player from another level. It's great to have him back."