YORK City Knights supremo Jon Flatman has restated the new board's desire to build "York's premier sporting club on and off the field".

As in the public meeting following their takeover, Flatman has outlined the new owners' objectives in his recent match-day programme notes, with a "values-driven" strategy for the club based on a three-year timeframe.

Those values regard "partnership, competitiveness, vibrancy and integrity".

In order to achieve their aims - the three-year target being to become a top Championship outfit - Flatman said their objectives were four fold:

"1 A Championship club with an exciting squad of good people who strive to fulfil their potential and enhance the sport of rugby league.

"2 A sustainable, growing financial model which respects good business practice and contributes positively to the local and regional economy through valuing all stakeholders.

"3 A workforce off the field which maximises social capital and adds value to the lives of the people within York and North Yorkshire by promoting the club values.

"4 A talent development pathway which allows potential of young people to be fulfilled and success rewarded."

On that last note, Flatman also confirmed the planned talent development system - something head coach James Ford has always been keen on, having himself helped to bring several players through, not least current Super League stars Greg Minikin and Kriss Brining - is under consultation.

IT'S time for The Press Player of the Year leaderboard to be updated and it's 2016 winner Ed Smith who tops the early standings, followed by two newcomers.

Smith, our man of the match in the opening-day League One Cup tie with North Wales (3pts), was our second-best at Barrow (2pts) in the League One opener and again in the league win over South Wales a fortnight ago (2pts), for a total of seven points.

The club captain is chased on the leaderboard by former Featherstone skipper Tim Spears and successful trialist Joe Porter.

It was a tough choice after a superb team show, but Spears, with a real leaders' effort in the engine room, got the nod as our man of the match (3pts) in last week's Challenge Cup win over Rochdale - easily the team's best performance of the year. Those add to his two points from the season opener against a North Wales side who return to Bootham Crescent tomorrow.

Spears pipped Joe Batchelor (2pts), the sponsors' man of the match, to our accolade last week, with Jonny Presley deemed our third-best on the day (1pt) after the veteran's eye-catching return to action - and his match-winning pass to Bobby Tyson-Wilson.

Meanwhile, Porter, York Acorn's Player of the Year last season, has begun life in the pro arena in fine fettle, his hard running standing him out in the League One defeat at Barrow, where he was our top performer (3pts).

He was also our second-best in the Challenge Cup win over Egrement on his debut (2pts).

Adam Robinson, a clear man of the match against South Wales (3pts), is third, having also been our third-best player at Barrow (1pt).

Against Rochdale, the Player of the Year points winners were Spears (3), Batchelor (2) and Jonny Presley (1).

Against South Wales, the winners were Robinson (3), Smith (2) and try-scoring debutant Andy Ellis (1).

Against Barrow, they were Porter (3), Smith (2) and Robinson (1).

Against Egremont, they were Brad Hey (3), Porter (2) and Ash Robson (1).

The Press Player of the Year standings: Ed Smith 7, Joe Porter 5, Tim Spears 5, Adam Robinson 4, Brad Hey 3, Ash Robson 2, Batchelor 2, Ellis 1, Presley 1.

THE first Player of the Month award of term, as voted for by Press readers, will be decided after tomorrow's match. Email your votes to peter.martini@thepress.co.uk