SIMON BROWN has declared no regrets with his time at York City Knights – barring relegation obviously.

The stand-off was a marquee signing at Huntington Stadium last winter having won the 2012 Championship Grand Final with Sheffield Eagles.

However, he could not prevent Gary Thornton’s men from being relegated to Championship One, after which he quickly returned to the higher tier with an end-of-season switch to Halifax.

“Personally last year was a disappointment, but I gained a lot of experience,” he said on a blog on Halifax’s website.

“A question I get asked a lot is why I left Sheffield after two grand finals. I often look back and ask myself the same question, but at that stage in my life I needed a change. I had a few bad habits and decided to make a change.

“It was a hard decision to leave as I made a lot of close relationships there but one I needed to make.

“I was gutted to get relegated last year and it was hard to take going from the top to the bottom, but it’s something I can take away if I am ever in that situation again.”

Brown, who played 20 times for York, scoring one try, 11 goals and a drop goal, was always likely to leave Huntington Stadium after one year, having been linked to other clubs even before York’s demotion was confirmed.

He is now looking forward to an expected title challenge at The Shay.

“I had a few clubs which I could have gone to but I am glad that Halifax were interested in me and personally I think I have made the right choice,” he said.

“From been a little boy I can remember watching Halifax at Thrum Hall, and they are a massive club and a privilege to play for. The fans and crowds at games are outstanding.”