MICHAEL Coulson has joined Femi Ilesanmi at the top of The Press Player of the Year standings.

The former Scarborough winger was our man-of-the-match during last weekend's 1-1 draw at Plymouth, earning him three points towards the contest to take him level at the summit with left-back Ilesanmi.

Wes Fletcher (two) and Jake Hyde (one), meanwhile, collected the other Player of the Year points on offer as our second and third-highest rated performers respectively.

The two Player of the Month bonus points, awarded to the man-of-the-match winner of our online poll, went to Luke Summerfield.

Ilesanmi has now won back-to-back Player of the Month prizes, having scooped the October honours, but he will share his November accolade with fellow defender Keith Lowe.

The Press Player of the Year standings: Coulson 16, Ilesanmi 16, Lowe 15, Penn 13, McCombe 10, McCoy 10, Ingham 8, De Girolamo 7, Montrose 7, Straker 7, Fletcher 6, Hyde 6, Summerfield 6, Cisak 3, Jarvis 3, Zubar 3, Winfield 2.

The Press Player of the Month for November standings: Ilesanmi 7, Lowe 7, Hyde 6, Coulson 5, De Girolamo 5, Zubar 5, Cisak 3, Fletcher 3, Montrose 2, Penn 2, Summerfield 2, McCoy 1.

Goals: Hyde 5, Fletcher 4, Lowe 4, De Girolamo 3, Coulson 2, Penn 1, Winfield 1.

Assists: Coulson 5, McCoy 3, Meikle 3, Penn 2, Carson 1, De Girolamo 1, Hyde 1, Lowe 1, Montrose 1, Straker 1, Summerfield 1.

Bad boys: Penn four yellow, one red; McCoy three yellow; Hyde, Montrose both two yellow; Jarvis one red; Coulson, Fletcher, Ilesanmi, Lowe, McCombe, Platt, Straker all one yellow.