A YORK schoolboy has kicked his way to success at the 2017 World Karate and Kickboxing Championships in Orlando, Florida - and has his sights set on going one step further next year.

Harvey Fisher returned home a worthy silver medallist in the 12-and-under category, and is now targeting the top prize at the next championships.

The 12-year-old Vale of York Academy student triumphed against opponents from all over the globe, before coming up against a Guatemalan kickboxer in the final as thrilled parents, Gareth and Susan, watched from the sidelines.

Mum Susan said: “We are extremely proud of Harvey’s drive and dedication. He trains at least two to three times per week, as well as giving up most weekends for competitions.

"He really deserves this success and is already talking about going for gold next year.”

Harvey has been kickboxing for almost four years, and trains alongside his parents at X Martial Arts in Acomb.

Harvey said: “I got into kickboxing a few years ago after I’d watched The Karate Kid and other martial arts on TV.

"I love training and competing, but my favourite bit is sparring with weapons such as nunchucks, bo staffs and sports swords.

“The competition at the World Championships was really tough and unfortunately I had tonsillitis while I was in Orlando, but my parents and the team kept me going.

"I can’t believe I’ve now got a silver medal at the World Championships.

“I’d like to say a huge thank you to my coaches, Jay Britland and Luke Burks, who have both spent hours and hours preparing the team for the competition. I’m also really grateful to Vale of York Academy, as they gave me time off school so that I could compete.”