MID-SUMMER and the Tyke Petroleum Men’s Tennis League is starting to boil up nicely.

Champions Poppleton returned to top-spot after a victory over former leaders Academy.

Captain Nick Turnbull called up both the Earnshaws to secure the victory yet, appropriately enough for Father’s Day, his father Paul was the real star, twice defeating the Academy big guns and returning 2-19 with rising talent Robbie Greenall.

David Lloyd climb to second after a big win at home to Copmanthorpe. Adam Harvey deputised for Ben Orton, returning maximum points, and 27 games with Jan Dyl.

The return of captain James Denmark and Steve Spavin helped Rowntree Park to the points at home to York.

A final round 10-2 from the pair ensured Park took the bonus, by just 55-53, whilst a punchy 3-27 pulled them to take a draw at a full-strength Wigginton.

Starbeck’s Simon Dickinson and Ryan Carrick were too hot to handle against Racquets. In a keen division two Harrogate derby, Starbeck won the rubbers but leaders Racquets the bonus, thanks to a gutsy 23 from Ryan Lonsdale and Jim Haddleton.

Fulford kick on into second, taking nearly 20 points in two matches, to split the two Harrogate sides.

Zac Sheppard and Josh Beavers meshed well, netting 3-24 against Appleton Roebuck whilst Govind Baker and Aaron Tate shone with 3-29 in a whitewash of David Lloyd 2.

Sherburn’s expectations were sky high after battering division three strugglers Knaresborough but they lost heavily to leaders Wetherby, who were inspired by David Corbyn and Roger Fawcus.

Wigginton 2 had the edge in each round of the division three match at Rowntree Park 2. Nick O’Keefe and Trevor Watson went toe-to-toe with Park’s Paul Adams and Kevin Davison with both pairs ending unbeaten with 2½ points.

Starbeck 3 toppled neighbours Racquets 2 in division four. Beck boasted two unbeatable pairs and just a single rubber lost, as returning star Rowan Brookes and Andrew Carrick scored 3-22.

But the ‘derby delight’ was dented when local rivals Academy 2 took over at the top. Alan Cunningham and Academy captain Nick Boid toughed out an unbeaten 2½-21 for a 8½ point win at Rufforth.

There was a top effort by Rob Abbot and Mark Dadvar, with 3-32 for Copmanthorpe 2, in their home derby against Appleton Roebuck 2.