JOE PERRY blasted "boring" Robbie Williams as he crashed out of the Betway UK Championship - and hinted he could "call it a day" if he experienced too many more matches like that.

The world number ten, nicknamed "Gentleman Joe", tore into his opponent after his 6-3 second round loss at the York Barbican, branding his style and speed of play as "a joke".

Perry was frustrated from the outset of their main arena clash, falling 2-0 behind early on and banging his fist on the table in frustration at what he believed were his opponent's negative tactics.

The highest seed to go out at the last 64 stage so far, he described the game in his post-match press conference as worse than pulling teeth.

Williams revealed he had heard Perry didn't like slow play and had embraced tactics that would help him and bag the £9,000 purse given to players who reach the third round.

Perry, who was playing in front of nine-year-old daughter Lexie for the first time, said: "I am just devastated, really. Quite honestly, it's the most bored I have ever been in a snooker match. I don't want to be too disrespectful but I just don't see what people get out of playing like that. It's just so boring.

"I was bored after two frames. It's a massive event. I know no one finds the game easy and he was trying hard and good luck to him but, my God, I remember someone described the game of snooker as like pulling teeth and that was worse.

"The style of play and the speed of play is just a joke. It's something that the game needs to address. If we are going to get new fans and sponsors then that is one thing I think needs to be addressed.

"The table wasn't very good and the back cushion was like a springboard and I just lost my cool. I think it's put my daughter off coming for life, though. She was probably fast asleep up there."

Asked whether a shot clock should be employed to speed up frames, Perry added: "It's not all about a shot clock. Players need to change their mentality a bit. You need to go out there and try and win rather than try not to lose. Some of the negative safety being played is beyond belief.

"I was just bored, my eyes were stinging, I was tired. Good luck to him but it is just not the way to play snooker. I would have said exactly the same thing if I had won.

"At my age, at this time in my career, it's about enjoying snooker and if I have to play like that every time I come out to play then it won't be long until I call it a day. I don't want to. I love the game. I enjoy snooker and I am having a great time at the moment.

"That's just not fun. That's boring and hard work."

Williams, who described the victory as "the best win of my career", replied: "I've heard from him in the past that he doesn't like negative or slow play so I wasn't being a bad sportsman but I thought that was the game that would lead me to win.

"In the first few frames I thought I played quite positively, to be honest, and tightened up towards the end. It doesn't matter how you get there, you have just got to get there.

"It's not cheating, it's matchplay. You want to beat your opponent and do it anyway you can - without cheating. I thought I played more positively than I ever have done so it just shows you how negative my game is I suppose."