PICKERING Town manager Denny Ingram admitted that the departure of defender Stuart Mott left a “sour taste” in the mouth.

The Pikes have five key first-teamers over the off-season with the influential Mott joining Joe Danby, Lewis Taylor and Josh Greening – who all moved to Bridlington – in leaving Town.

Ingram has brought in several replacements in the form of Matty Savage, Joel Dixon, Michael Hollingsworth and Jackson Jowett and says that he remains in the market to add to his squad.

The manager concedes that the exit of Mott was a blow to his side ahead of the start of the new season.

“I understand why those players have left, it’s part and parcel of football,” he admitted.

“They felt that it was the right time them to move on and seek a fresh challenge, which I understand, and I’ve got no issues with them whatsoever and wish them all the best moving forward.

“The Stuart Mott one left a little bit of a sour taste in the mouth to be honest. He came to us when he was struggling and did really for us last season, so to lose him isn’t a nice feeling.

“But, we’re at that level when if lads can get a move closer to home that offers them a little bit more money, then they’re going to take it.”

Although many of the new recruits have yet to join up with the squad due to holidays, he believes they’ll make a good impact and singled out former Scarborough forward Jowett for particular praise.

“The new lads we’ve brought in are all big, strong and powerful with a good amount of ability too,” he said.

“Both Hollingsworth and Dixon have both played at a higher level before and they’ll bring that experience with them into our group.

“Along with Jowett, they’re a really good front three and I’m sure that they’ll go well for us this season from the front.

“Jowett hasn’t played for us yet in pre-season due to injury, but he’s training really well for us and he’s got undoubted ability.

“We’re looking to nurture him into the player that I believe he can be, which is one that has got the potential to play at a higher level.

“He’s an attacking player with a lot of versatility which is a big plus for us. He can play out wide, on his own or in the hole behind the striker.

“I’m sure he understands what’s expected of us here at Pickering and that if he can buy into that with the right attitude, he’ll have a bright future with us.”