TWO new teams were elected at the HPH York Vale Cricket League annual general meeting held at Fulfordgate Working Men's Club.

Applications from Clifton Alliance and Sessay for their new fourth teams were given approval by the members and both will play in division three next season.

Bids for re-election from Selby and Yapham II were successful but shortage of players has forced one of the league’s longer established clubs, Fulfordgate, and Tadcaster Magnet, to withdraw from the league.

Fulfordgate had been continuous members of the league for 60 years. Last season they were forced to concede several fixtures and finished bottom of division two, having been relegated from division one in 2015.

Malton and Old Malton II have also opted to join the Scarborough Beckett League in an attempt to revive the fortunes of their development side. M&OM’s second division side will remain in the Vale League next season.

New rules given the green light include an increase in the maximum price paid for teas to £35 per team, penalty point deductions for result reporting irregularities, and the reversal of the rule to waive financial penalties for league matches conceded well in advance of the game.

The following officials were re-elected to the management committee: Shane Hargrave, Rich Kerrison, Ian Holmes, Tony Scotter, Rob Gilyeat, Martin Jarred, Mike Hamshere, Dave Milburn, Andy Copeland, Steve Relf and Rob Ellis.