DUANNE OLIVIER has hailed the performances of new ball partner Ben Coad, admitting: “It’s been tremendous to watch how he operates.”

South African Olivier and Coad are beginning to emerge as a potent force with the new ball in the Specsavers County Championship, best highlighted at Canterbury last week when they shared 14 wickets in beating Kent.

Olivier (five wickets) roughed the batsmen up with his express pace, only for Coad to knock them over with 6-52 in the second innings and nine wickets in the match.

In all, they have shared 31 wickets in three Division One appearances - Olivier 16 and Coad 15 - to help secure two wins and a draw.

“Everyone contributed really well at Kent, but a special mention should go to Coady,” said the 27-year-old Olivier. “The way he bowled was superb.

“All the bowlers contributed, even Jack Leaning - golden arm. They were playing really well on that final day.

“Myself and Coady complement each other quite well.

“Then you have Steve Patterson and Matthew Waite in the first couple of games and Tim Bresnan at Kent.

“Every bowler brings something different, and that’s going to help going through the next couple of games and getting the points we need.

“Coady has been superb. Opening with him, it’s been tremendous to watch how he operates.

“He’s been doing so well for the last three seasons for Yorkshire, and he deserves his success.

“I don’t think he’d taken the wickets he deserved before Kent. I’m very happy for him.”

Olivier’s pace has given Yorkshire’s attack a different dimension this season, with many a batsman intimidated with his short-pitched approach.

Amazingly, he has hit batsmen on the helmet with bouncers on nine separate occasions, not counting those he has hit on the body.

At Kent, for example, he hit opener Sean Dickson on the body to unsettle him at the start of the hosts’ second innings before getting him caught at short-leg the next ball.

“I do enjoy bowling short, but it’s about what’s best for the team,” he explained.

“There’s a scoreboard in the changing room that the lads keep updating to see how many people I’ve hit on the head.

“I don’t set out to hurt anyone, it’s just about the aggression to try and help put the team on the front foot.”

After this week’s break, Olivier will play his first home Championship match for Yorkshire against Hampshire, starting on Monday.

“I’m very much looking forward to playing a four-day game at home,” he said before insisting there is still plenty to improve on for a Yorkshire side who currently sit second in Division One just behind leaders Somerset.

“Yes, we had a very good win at Kent, the same as we did at Hampshire.

“For us, it’s just about regrouping as a team and seeing what we did well and where we can improve.

“There are some small little five per-centers here and there.

“I still don’t think we’ve played at 100 per cent as a team yet. When we do click, it will be amazing to watch.”