YORKSHIRE Women's cricketer Wendy Brown is supporting Pickering Cricket Club's bid to encourage more girls to join the team after one of their number was nominated for a place on a prestigious coaching programme.

Ruby Hick, a dedicated member of the Ryedale outfit's under-13s side, has received a place on Yorkshire Cricket's Bronze Pathway Scheme, and started the course on Saturday.

This is not the first time Hick has taken part in an elite youth programme - last year, she was invited to the North Yorkshire Girls District Training, where she trained with Brown.

And Brown is backing the club's grant application, to which starlet Hick was also asked to contribute a few words.

The 13-year-old aspires to play at the highest levels, having taken to the wicket at the age of seven. She has settled in as a bowler, but is keen to improve her batting and is also capable behind the stumps.

Pickering Cricket Club has in the past fielded women's sides, but the ability to attract the players gradually waned over time, says the club's chairman, Tony Evans.

However, over the last few years, they has been aspiring to build up the ladies' teams again, and with the success of their own player, as well as that of the national and county sides, Evans believes they will be able to augment their already healthy junior section with more girls.

Evans is also optimistic the awarding body will accept their application for the grant, which would be used to inspire further interest in the sport by putting on extra sessions, bringing in external coaches and training up their own coaches.