POCKLINGTON have resigned from the Foss Evening Cricket League with immediate effect.

The division one side feel they are simply not competitive enough for the top division.

They finished in the second relegation spot last season but were not relegated as one of the teams above them, Stamford Bridge, resigned from the league to concentrate on first team training, rather than evening cricket, having gained entry into the ECB Premier League – Yorkshire League North.

It meant Pock were spared the drop, but during the winter the club said they would only be able to put out a youthful team this year, and division two would be a more appropriate division for them.

The FEL committee, however, decided they should remain in division one as there was no team more suitable to fill the vacancy in division one.

Pocklington assistant secretary Steve Relph told the FEL “Most of our senior players who are interested in midweek cricket, play for other clubs in the Foss, and we were only able to field a weakish team last season mainly composed of youngsters – hence our relegation.

“On receiving your decision (to stay in division one) it was mooted that we resign then but it was agreed to give it a go.

“Although we have fielded a team in our initial two fixtures we have struggled to find an 11 and been forced to twist arms and bring in players from outside. This is not a situation with which we are comfortable.

“It is apparent that we will be unable to put out a side of the necessary quality to give division one opposition a decent game, or provide any useful experience to our younger players in the process, and therefore feel obliged to resign from the league with immediate effect.

“We apologise for any inconvenience that this may cause other teams in division one but I am sure they would rather have a free week than give a bunch of kids a whipping.”

FEL chairman Mike Wellock said: “The league thanks Pocklington for their efforts to try to turn out a competitive side and regrets that has proved impossible. We also do hope they will feel able to re-enter the league in the near future.”