YORK City will not appeal against the red cards shown to Jason Walker and Andre Boucaud at Barrow.

The pair were both dismissed during stoppage time in Saturday’s Holker Street clash but, after watching the match DVD, manager Gary Mills will not be contesting their three-match suspensions.

Walker and Boucaud will now miss Saturday’s trip to Forest Green Rovers followed by the back-to-back home matches against Lincoln on November 29 and Kettering on December 3.

“We’ve had a look at the incidents and we won’t be appealing,” Mills told The Press. “Their players were naughty in what they did, but Jason retaliated.

“It wasn’t bad or anything major, but it’s not something that would be worth appealing against and running the risk of adding an extra game to his ban. Before the incident happened, there were a couple of decisions that should have gone in Jason’s favour, but the referee has only reacted to Jason’s challenge.

“One of the other challenges from them was pretty nasty, but the referee has either not seen it or decided not to give anything. Andre raised his hands and reacted to somebody who had been winding him up all game so we won’t be appealing against that either.

“He will be disappointed that he reacted in the way he did and their players will have been happy to get two of ours sent off because they’d been trying to do that right up until the 95th minute.”