Luton Town failed in their attempt to ban the Press’ York City reporter Dave Flett from covering last night’s game.

City’s Blue Square Bet Premier rivals told Flett on Monday he would not be welcome because of the tone of his report following last month’s clash between the two teams, which had to be abandoned because of heavy snow.

Flett argued the game should have been called off earlier to save York fans the misery of a wasted journey. It took many of them more than 12 hours to get home.

Luton deemed his report to be inflammatory and refused to grant him a press pass. Undeterred, Flett sat with the York fans in the away end at Kenilworth Road and filed his report anyway.

He said: “I was very disappointed to be declined admission into the press box at Kenilworth Road, especially having worked there on so many occasions in the past as one of the local press pack.

“I stand by the sentiment in my article on the original game and still believe, considering the severe weather warnings in place, more could and should have been done by Luton Town and the referee to consider an early postponement.”

Steve Hughes, editor of The Press, said: “I was very surprised at Luton’s stance on this.

“Dave is a well respected sports reporter and he gave his honestly held opinion after it took York fans 12 hours to return from a game that many felt should have been called off hours earlier due to the atrocious weather.

“Luton said they would be happy for another reporter to cover last night’s game, but that misses the point. We have a duty to York City fans and it is not for football clubs to decide who covers their matches.

“They have every right to disagree with Dave’s opinion but trying to ban him from the ground smacks of censorship and that’s not acceptable. I am delighted he managed to file his reports anyway.”