SKIPPER Daniel Parslow completed a hat-trick of individual honours by claiming victory in The Press Player of the Year contest.

That trophy will now sit alongside the accolades he received as the supporters’ Clubman of the Year and his team-mates’ Player of the Year.

Parslow maintained a two-point margin over nearest rival Richard Brodie in our competition, following last Saturday’s 2-0 FA Trophy final defeat to Stevenage at Wembley.

England ‘C’ international Brodie made a late charge for the prize by finishing as our final Player of the Month winner, but neither player picked up points at the weekend.

Our man-of-the-match award went to Shaun Pejic, cementing his ninth-place finish on the leaderboard with three points – an impressive feat considering that he only arrived during the final third of the season.

Michael Ingham also moved above Ben Purkiss into fourth position with two points as our second-highest rated player while third-placed David McGurk received the final point on offer.

As well as finishing top scorer on 19 goals, Brodie also headed the bad boys’ table, but made significant progress on his discipline during the latter stages of the season.

He also finished one assist behind right-back Ben Purkiss, who created nine goals for his team.

York City stats final standings

Press Player of the Year standings: Parslow 36 points, Brodie 34, McGurk 30, Ingham 29, Purkiss 28, Robinson 22, Rusk 22, Greaves 19, Pejic 18, A Smith 14, McBreen 13, Sodje 12, Boyes 8, Mackin 8, Critchell 5, Hogg 5, Holmes 5, Kelly 5, McWilliams 5, Russell 5, C Smith 5, Farrell 4, Dyer 3, Shepherd 2, Brown 1, Mimms 1.

Player of the Month award winners: 3 – Richard Brodie (January, December, April), Daniel Parslow (September, October, March); 1 – David McGurk (November), Mark Robinson (August), Simon Rusk (February).

Goals: Brodie 19, McBreen 10, Sodje 7, Greaves 4, Boyes 3, Farrell 3, own goals 2, Purkiss 2, Robinson 2, A Smith 2, C Smith 2, Wilkinson 2, Holmes 1, Rusk 1, Russell 1.

Assists: Purkiss 9, Brodie 8, McBreen 6, Rusk 6, Sodje 5, Farrell 4, McWilliams 4, Brown 2, Hogg 2, Mackin 2, McGurk 2, Shepherd 2, Bore 1, Boyes 1, Dyer 1, Greaves 1, Ingham 1, Parslow 1, Robinson 1, Russell 1, A Smith 1.

Bad boys: Brodie 1 red card, 9 yellows; Rusk 1 red, 7 yellows; Greaves 6 yellows; McWilliams, Robinson, C Smith all 5 yellows; McBreen, McGurk both 4 yellows; Hogg, Mackin, McGurk all 3 yellows; Boyes, Holmes, Kelly, A Smith all 2 yellows; Brown, Farrell, Parslow, Wilkinson all 1 yellow.