SERIES 12 of the superb York Hospital Ball Podcast is set to release this weekend.

The York Hospital Ball podcast, hosted by Dan Tait, is a York City-based podcast that helps raise valuable funds for York Hospital Radio, a charity which has recently celebrated broadcasting for an incredible 60 years.

Demand remains as high as ever for the upcoming series, with Dan hosting over 75 episodes over the span of an almost five year period, with confirmed guests set to excite York supporters.

Series 12 is released this coming Sunday, with former City stalwart Scott Barrow the opening guest as he looks to reflect on his career with the Minstermen, having recently been released from the football club after being supported through a long-term injury.

Following on from Barrow will be York legend Chris Brass, who made over 150 appearances for the club in a spell lasting from 2001 to 2006.

Dan will then welcome another City icon in the form of Ricky Sbragia, who will reflect on the 150 appearances he made for the club from 1982 to 1987, which included the Fourth Division title.

Speaking on the upcoming podcast, Dan told the Press: “This is the first time I have been able to record a series so soon after a previous one.

“The first three episodes are all over an hour long and hopefully will cure that York City itch that this part of the year always brings.

“Scott Barrow speaks so openly about his mental health battles that I think people will be surprised by what they hear and be inspired.

“Chris Brass has never really spoken so in depth about his time at the club - particularly his departure which will shock some people and Ricky Sbragia was a bucket list guest and well worth the wait.

“His impact on the club goes way beyond his goal against Liverpool, his Youth team produced so many excellent players, the likes of which we have never really seen since.

“We also discuss his time working at Manchester United which is a fascinating insight.”

Dan also reflected on his time working for the podcast, which raises money for a worthy cause: “It is coming up to five years since we started it and I am blown away that it is still so popular.

“The aim is always to celebrate the club and transport people back to games and give that escapism. So long as people keep listening we will keep producing the content.

“It brings in lots of donations which are gratefully received by York Hospital Radio who are celebrating their 60 year broadcasting.”

Dan also recently produced a podcast with York co-chairman Matt Uggla, who shared his reflections on his debut season in charge, transfer strategies, how the future looks and off-the-field improvements. 

The podcast is available now, and can be found here: "Matt has right from the beginning being really supportive of York Hospital Radio and always happy to give us his time.

"He recently stepped in at short notice to take part in our live show.

"His passion for the club is so refreshing and I always appreciate his honesty.

"Last year's interview had over 2,000 downloads and the current one has had 1300 in only a few days so people obviously enjoy hearing his thoughts as much as we do.

"He says he wants to make it an annual thing which we most definitely will hold him to."

If you wish to make a donation to York Hospital Radio or would like to listen to the podcast online, you can find a link at here. All donations are greatly appreciated, supporting a fantastic cause.