SELBY Town chairman Dave Haddock is hoping that the football club will become the heart of the town.

Returning chairman Haddock is keen to bring a new energy into Selby after the formation of a new committee made up of 16 volunteers, with the Robins eager to build a stronger relationship within the community.

Haddock spoke on the challenges the club are facing in the short-term, as well as his plans for helping the club to become a sustainable force ahead of their season in the Northern Counties Eastern League division one.

"Even before I was chairman the first time, I had been at the club for quite a few years before that," Haddock told the Press.

"My philosophy has always been if we can get to the ground once, they will see what we can offer and keep coming back.

"I think that there is probably certain challenges in this town, because even though we are quite central in the town, you kind of have to know where we are to come and find us.

“Selby is a fantastic market town, it’s a really great place and has so much going for it, certainly from a sporting perspective.

"It’s not just about the football, we have some great teams, ourselves, the Drayton Bells which is one of the main ladies teams in the area, there are some great footballing teams around.

"We’ve got the cricket, the rugby, it’s a really fantastic place and especially if you are into sports.

"Selby Town for me should be the heart of that, we’re here in the centre of town, have a lot that we can offer and for me, the most important thing is the community.

"It’s about how we perform with affordable entertainment for everybody so that nobody is left behind, I wouldn’t want anyone to say that they can’t afford to go to Selby Town as we want it to be open to everybody.

"That’s really important, because we want this ground to become the hub for Selby and the community, for people to socialise at this club.

"For people to get together, get off the sofa, get off their phone, come out into the sunshine, spend time together and enjoy each other’s company.

"Especially in this day and age where there are so many distractions going on, I think that’s a really important part of life.


"We're down a little side street by the leisure centre, so if you don't know that we're there, you're probably never going to come to this side of the town.

"For me it's all about promoting and getting word out there, saying 'look, here we are', we're not just a grass pitch in the corner of the town, we've got an actual ground and actual terracing, we've got a really good clubhouse and good changing rooms.

"We provide a really good level of football for a really cheap, affordable price.

"It's really about getting the word out for the community, one of the things that I am passionate about is working with the local businesses and getting involved with the community groups.

"I really want to get that side back at the club, because not only can we help them or fundraise for them, but they do the same for us as well.

"For me, the community is probably the most important thing about this club, and building those relationships within the community.

"That way we can work together to celebrate each other, ultimately everybody is a winner then."

Haddock would explain the challenges that Selby are facing, as well as where their early priorities lie, whilst discussing the infrastructure that he is putting in place for the Robins.

Haddock continued: "There's a few challenges that we need to deal with, certainly on the short-term basis.

"The club, as always in non-league football, cricket, rugby, whatever it might be, it's a difficult time.

"Like everybody, we feel a bit pinched at the moment with the economic crisis and the cost of living and everything else.

"There's a lot of things that we need to deal with from a financial basis, the big thing for me is to make sure that the club is sustainable.

"Whatever we're doing, whether if that is expenses that we're paying or ground improvements, whatever it might be, we need to make sure that we are sustainable at all times.

"We're really looking at our income and our expenditure and are making sure that it is sustainable, that's the most important thing for me and what I am looking at at the moment.

"It's where we can potentially make cuts, if needed, and where we can spend money to improve the infrastructure to ensure that we generate an income to help the ongoings of the club."