MICK O’CONNELL has urged people to visit Tadcaster Albion next season, as the Brewers look to build within the local community.

Tadcaster’s Northern Counties East League season ended on Tuesday night with a thrilling 4-0 victory over Hallam, extending O’Connell’s side's unbeaten run to eight.

After relegation last season, O’Connell has overseen a rise in attendances and a new, exciting style of play which has showcased a newfound encouragement for the Brewers.

In part two of The Press’s sit-down interview with O’Connell, the Taddy boss spoke on the future of the football club and the recent transition of chairmen.

O’Connell enthused: “We believe that we play football the right way. People that come and watch the games agree with that.


“We’ve seen an upturn in the numbers this year and they have got better as the year has gone on. We want to connect with the local community and the wider community to get people back into the football club.

“Without the fans, we need them to survive at a non-league football club and we need them week in, week out through the gate, having a couple of pints behind the bar.

“There is a great atmosphere around the club again now. It’s taken time but there is a real positive vibe and a positive atmosphere back throughout the ground.

“The more help we can get off them, the better we can be on the football pitch.

“We are building, we want to re-connect and build that relationship with the fans. We urge people to come down and I can promise you that you won’t be disappointed. We’ve got a real bunch of honest players, they leave everything out on that football pitch and like I said before, we play football the right way. If you come down and pay your six quid, you won’t be disappointed!”

O’Connell went on to speak about the recent switch in chairmen at the club, with Garry Plant leaving the Brewers, seeing the reinstatement of interim chairman Andy Charlesworth.

“To be fair, Garry left me to my own devices to run the football side of it and left everything with me football wise, squad wise and all that side of it.

“Garry was really good for us for that part of the season, and it has been a really smooth transition with Andy.

“Andy has always been at the club so it has been a really smooth transition from Garry to Andy. Andy has kept the club running and he adores the club.

“We were sad to see the back of Garry. We were sad to see him leave, but Andy again will move us forward and we need to keep him working with the club, working with the fanbase and he will do that to help us become a great club again.”