The Mount School York recently held a local gymnastics competition where students from different schools including All Saints, Huntington and York High joined Mount girls to perform their routines and compete against each other in a good natured, encouraging atmoshpere. 

The tournament began at 11 am with all schools warming up, while the judging panel prepared to grade the different categories. To celebrate participation alongside talent, the three categories of Novice, Intermediate and Elite were recognised at the end with medals and certificates on a podium. 

The panel of judges included Expert Ruth who has a background in teaching PE and Gymnastics at degree level, Fiona Newman, Mount PE Teacher with expertise in gymnastics and Lisa Savranska – a Mount Sixth Former with a background in the Ballet Academy of Milan. 

This is the first local gymnastics competition to be held by The Mount School. 

PE Teacher, Fiona Newman said: “What a superb day! We hope to get more interest from further local schools when we run it again next year”. 

A wonderful day with plenty of smiles, awards and competitive spirit, York is the place to watch for gymnastics!