A WOMAN from North Yorkshire, who only a year ago was teaching herself to ride a bike again, is set to compete against the best in the world representing Team GB.

Hannah Storm, 46, a journalist, media consultant and mother of two, is set to take part in the duathlon world championships in Australia next year.

Hannah grew up in Norton near Malton and attended St Peter’s School in York up until sixth form.

After moving around the country Hannah returned to a village near Castle Howard during the pandemic in 2020, and it wasn’t until the Summer last year that she got back on a bike.

She said: "In 2009 I was living in London and on one of my first outings on my bike I fell off.

"After that the bike just travelled around with me collecting dust."

York Press: Hannah Storm running

As a keen runner, Hannah was training for the 2022 York Marathon before sustaining an injury that stopped her. 

She said: "I knew that it was really important for my mental health to exercise so I got on the bike again.

"When I got it back out I couldn't figure out the gears and I was terrified of cycling on the road."

After the initial shock of getting back on two wheels, Hannah started finding enjoyment in cycling and discovered the sport of duathlon.

Unlike the popular endurance sport triathlon, a duathlon consists of just the running and cycling disciplines, completed in a run-cycle-run order over a standardised or sprint distance.

She said: "I knew running was a relative strength but once I got on my bike again I felt free."

Combining her abilities as a strong runner with her new passion for cycling, Hannah began to enter duathlon races. Whilst ambitious, she wasn't expecting things to happen as quickly as they did.

York Press: Hannah Storm racing in duathlon

Juggling family life, owning a business and writing a book, Hannah set aside one hour every day to train for her new passion. She said: "I just love a challenge."

Continuing her hard work, she travelled to a race on the south coast where she qualified for Team GB, ahead of the sports world championships in Australia, 2024.

Hannah said: "I did a bit better than I thought,

"I honestly didn't think I was going to qualify this year.

"I just couldn't believe it."

In 2000, Hannah ran her first marathon with her Dad who sadly last year was diagnosed with an incurable cancer.

Being a lifelong supporter of her athletic endeavours, she said: "He's the first person I want to tell after every one of my athletic achievements.


"He may not be able to cycle or run now, but it will mean even more to be able to get to Australia and make him proud."

Not only is Hannah an advocate for the importance exercise has on helping with mental health, she also wants to help inspire women to take up cycling.

Ahead of next years world championships in Australia, running from August 15 to 24, Hannah is seeking sponsorship from local businesses to help her on the global stage. 

Riding a bike that's older than her own physio, she said: "I need some support to upgrade my fairly retro kit."

For individuals wanting to support Hannah, you can donate at the GoFundMe link here.