Hundreds of people took part in a mass ride through York to encourage others to cycle.

York Cycle Campaign led the cycle on Sunday morning (September 24).

The riders set off from Hungate Reading Rooms café at 10am, riding via Goodramgate, York Minster and Lendal Bridge.

Around 160 people rode all kinds of cycles including recumbents, trikes and a varied collection of utility bikes, cargo-bikes and trailers. 

York Press: Around 160 people took part in the cycle through YorkAround 160 people took part in the cycle through York (Image: Rebecca Webb/DGear)

The ride was part of the global Kidical Mass movement to encourage children into cycling.

Riders rang bike bells, blew whistles and played bicycle-themed music as they went. 

Passersby waved and took photographs of the riders, while drivers beeped their horns in support of the group.

As they arrived at Millennium Bridge after a ride down Terry Avenue past Rowntree Park people on the bridge gave a round of applause. 

York Press: The cyclists at Millennium BridgeThe cyclists at Millennium Bridge (Image: Rebecca Webb/DGear)

A spokesperson for York Cycle Campaign urged people in York to consider cycling instead of driving.

“We need to transform how we travel in York,” they said. “Cycling is vital for every resident of York. Cycling can help us tackle our traffic woes, reduce pollution and improve health and wellbeing for a great many people.

“There’s an appetite in York to really think a lot more intelligently about transport.”

York Press: Cyclists cross Lendal Bridge during the rideCyclists cross Lendal Bridge during the ride (Image: Rebecca Webb/DGear)

As reported by The Press at the time, in August York’s Labour administration asked council officials to develop a 'Movement Plan' for York that will see carbon emissions from transport in the city slashed by 71 per cent by 2030.

The plan will involve cutting car journeys by at least 20 per cent - along with a doubling of active travel such as walking and cycling and a 50 per cent increase in bus use.

York Press: Cyclists in Queen Street during the rideCyclists in Queen Street during the ride (Image: Rebecca Webb/DGear)

Labour said such huge changes in the way we move around the city are the only way to combat congestion and enable York to meet its commitment to be carbon neutral by 2030.

"A 71 per cent reduction in emissions from transport - that is what we need to do," said Cllr Kate Ravilious, York's Labour joint executive member for environment and climate emergency.

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York Cycle Campaign says the group backs the move by the council.

The group’s spokesperson said: “If you ask yourself, could you drive 20 per cent less? For most people, the answer is yes. People are happier in cities that prioritise active travel.”

York Press: Cyclists during the ride on SundayCyclists during the ride on Sunday (Image: Rebecca Webb/DGear)

They say the campaign plans to continue working with councillors from all political parties to improve cycling safety in the city, with a particular focus this on autumn on safe routes to schools.

The spokesperson said the message is: “We don’t just need a hashtag telling families to cycle. If it’s not safe we need physical changes made to school routes, and that’s what we hope to see.”