THE Rugby Football League has put ‘feelers out’ for Summer Bash’s return to Blackpool from 2024.

Such is the growing outcry of hosting this year’s event in York, the RFL admits that if the event is not brought back to what many see as its spiritual home or similar, it may not continue.

The Betfred Championship’s action-packed weekend was held at the LNER Community Stadium on May 27-28 but has been branded as a flop after attracting the lowest crowd in its eight-year history.

Less than 7,000 fans attended this year’s event, half of its pre-pandemic levels of over 15,000 in Blackpool, and 3,000 less than its 2022 offering at Headingley Stadium in Leeds.

York Knights head coach Andrew Henderson admitted to The Press that he felt the event “didn’t get the support that it needed or deserved.”

Poor promotion by the RFL, the location of York’s stadium and the expense of the city have all been seen as contributing factors to it’s paltry attendance.

Bloomfield Road has been unavailable as a venue since the pandemic - forcing York to step in to host this year’s event - but it is clear that fans wish for it’s return to the west coast.

Rhodri Jones, Managing Director of Rugby League Commercial admitted bringing the event to York had not been a success, saying:”It was the first Summer Bash I have been to for probably four or five years.

“The concept is right, but clearly, as you guys could see, the fans didn’t warm to it and I think there is an element of location in that.

“The stadium at York is a fantastic facility, it’s brilliant, however it just didn’t warm the fans up to come.

“There is an outcry for a Blackpool return. Blackpool hasn’t been available for the last two years as far as I’m aware, so as you’d expect me to say, we know what the feedback is, we’ve put some feelers out for hosting it next year but unless we get the right mix we have to question its validity.”