YORK-BORN pool star Donna Smith has celebrated more success, after winning the Scottish Open.

Smith was born in York but represents Scotland at an international level through her mother, and defeated Jacqueline Lowth 5-3 in the final after overcoming the group of death.

After clinching her first major trophy, Smith claimed the achievement ‘meant everything to her’, and has opened up on her struggles with PTSD.

“It’s just amazing. A first major title just means everything to me, and it’s even more special that because I have won a major title now, my place for Scotland next season i secured.” Smith told the Press.

“That could potentially look at the World Championships in Australia, if I am lucky enough to be selected for the world squad.

“I’ve got a good chance and it just means everything to me, that the graft from the last two or three years has paid off massively.

“Again I would probably just say that without Gough & Kelly (Smith’s sponsors), it wouldn’t have been possible.

“In terms of Team Scotland, the next one is the Masters in August.

“I’d love to win another major title and in terms of international level, next year I will be turning my attention to trying to get a spot at the World Championships.

“In May 2024 there will be Australia, so that’s kind of what I am working towards, to try and secure a spot for Australia.

“I’m kind of halfway there, because I get an automatic squad place next year, so there’s still a little bit of work to do to get into that world team. It’s half the job done so far.

“I struggle with PTSD as well so I’ve had to do even more hard work, not just on the table but off of the table.

“We’ve been able to manage that and go away for these competitions. So for as much time as I’ve spent mastering the craft, I’ve also had to work on myself to be able to go away and concentrate.

“It can be really hard at times to get it all together, but the hours on the practice table have been crazy long, but also the work that I have done away from the table in terms of my PTSD and making sure I am in the right space, it has been a lot of hard work.”