HALIFAX Panthers have been hit with five separate suspensions following their 36-10 victory over York City Knights on Monday night.

Matt Gee has been given two separate charges, both for a late on hit on a passer. The first is a one-match Grade 'B' dangerous contact and the second is a Grade 'D' dangerous contact, which usually carries a ban of around three to four matches.

Two other players, Ben Kavanagh and Ed Barber, have also been handed one-match bans late hits on a passer, being given Grade 'B' dangerous contact charges.

All three Grade 'B' charges cite the players making contact "with an opponent after the ball has been released in a vulnerable position which causes flexion to the head, neck or spinal column which poses an unacceptable risk of injury."

Kevin Larroyer has been issued with a two-match ban for a Grade 'C' dangerous throw, having lifted a "player into a dangerous position."

Should Gee be banned for four matches, Halifax would have picked up a cumulative nine-match suspension during the York match, which saw no players carded by referee Aaron Moore.