YORK City Knights' media and marketing manager has expressed his desire to create further behind-the-scenes content following the success of the club’s ‘In The Sheds’ series.

Last month York released the last of its four videos which took viewers into the dressing room before, during and after the Knights’ 44-18 victory at Workington Town in April.

The insightful videos mic’d up head coach James Ford and revealed his pre-match, half-time and post-match team talks as well as showing his discussions with fellow coaching staff during the 80 minutes.

Senior York players such as Brendan O’Hagan and Danny Kirmond could also be heard rallying their team-mates during the Betfred Championship clash.

Across Twitter and YouTube, the videos racked up over 22,500 views and have attracted plenty of praise from supporters and rugby league commentators on social media.

Knights media guru Joe Smith was the series’ creator and has not ruled out further such content in the future.

“I don’t know if I’ll do another ‘In The Sheds’ this year but the fact that it’s been so well received means that more coverage is more likely to happen,” he revealed.

“The way it’s been received and the way that people have spoken about the club, I’m keen to do it (again).

“I can’t speak for every fan, but a lot have said that it’s an incredible insight that you don’t see (very often).

“You can put out all the match highlights and promotional videos you want but people want to see what it’s like to be a rugby player.

“I want to bring people more of that, but that’s only made possible by the backing of Clint (Goodchild, chairman), Fordy and the players, so watch this space.”

For any such sports documentaries to work, the buy-in of the coaching staff and players to film inside the often sacrosanct dressing room is needed.

“Fordy was receptive to it,” Smith said, “so long as he had the final say on what went out, which is fair enough.

"Equally, I was never going to put something out which makes us or him look bad.

“He’s not someone who is screaming at everybody, there’s nuance to what he does, which I knew fans would find interesting.

“I think how it has come across has shown people that there is calmness in rugby league and it’s not the stereotypical aggressive sport some may expect.”

Ford himself said of the project: “If giving supporters a little bit of exposure in terms of what goes on in the dressing room helps the club grow then I’m happy to do it.”

As well as promoting the Knights through the videos, the content also saw Smith “give something back” to the club which has helped “rebuild his life.”

“I’ve been here since the start of 2019 and without this club, I don’t know what I’d be doing,” he admitted. This has given me a purpose.

“That’s why I’ve put so much time into this to repay the faith that people have shown in me.

“This is a great club to be at and there’s some great people here and, if I can help shine a light on those people, personalities and stories, then what better job is there?"