GEORGE DAVEY is seeking to show “some spite” when he returns to the ring for the first time this year on Saturday night.

Davey takes on former Cameroon Olympian Serge Ambomo over six rounds at the Telford International Centre this weekend.

And the York prospect will be aiming to maintain his unbeaten professional record, having recorded five wins from as many fights.

The 24-year-old, who is noted as a technically skilful counter-puncher, has yet to register either a knockdown or a knockout as a pro and is targeting more venom on his punch in his next bout.

“I’m looking for a really good performance, I want to put some spite into my punches, as boxers would like to do,” said Davey, who last fought in October.

“If the stoppage comes, it comes. Ideally, that would be nice.

“But my aim is go in there and put on a really good display of the skillset that I’ve been taught by Henry (Wharton, trainer) and show all the things that we’ve been working on in the ring.

“I just want to box to the best of my ability.”

Although Davey has not recorded a stoppage win yet, he insists he is a hurtful puncher.

“You work on power in your strength training or some fighters just carry power,” he said.

“I do carry power and me and Henry are also working on our technique to be able to use that power in the best way possible, using it to your full advantage.

“We’ve been working on more power punches and working with good strength and conditioning (people).

“I’ve been doing plenty of sparring and they’ve all told me that I’ve got power and that I’ve been hurting them.

“There’s nothing to say that I can’t knock my opponent out on April 16.”

Since the turn of the year, Davey has spoken openly of his ambition to box for titles by the end of 2022.

Having had just five professional fights, a title shot this year may well come earlier than for the average up-and-coming prospect.

While not unaware of the size of such a move, Davey believes that he is more than ready for the challenge.

“By the end of this year or by the beginning of next year, we want to be fighting for a title,” insisted Davey.

“Whether that is a continental title or a domestic title, we want to be fighting for something.

“I’m ready now, Henry knows I’m ready. The only thing to take into consideration is that most fighters go in for titles after 10 fights, whereas I’m still 5-0 and I’ve only done six rounds.

“I’m not silly but I know that I’m mega-fit and would be able to do a 10-rounder. But when you start fighting for titles, you’re stepping up and once you’ve stepped up, there’s no going back.

“In a couple of fights, we’ll be definitely stepping up to a title fight.”

Before Davey to think too closely about fighting for belts, he must first get past Ambomo, a seasoned veteran who fought at the highest level as an amateur.

“He’s ranked number one in his country, boxed some decent fighters and has got a okay record,” assessed Davey.

“I was happy when I was told I was fighting Serge because I thought that he would be a better opponent for me than (original opponent) Dean Wilkinson.

“He’s made some really good fighters look basic, so I think that will bring out the best in me.”