YORK City are establishing a Supporters' Advisory Group in response to last month's vote of no confidence in the club's board.

Among the concerns raised during the discussion on the no-confidence motion - which was supported by more than 90 per cent of voters - was the disconnect fans say they feel with the club.

To address this, York's managing director Steven Kilmartin has proposed that a group hosted by an independent chair be set up to facilitate communication between club and fans.

Kilmartin was in attendance at the no-confidence vote, hosted by the Supporters' Trust, and said the chance to talk to fans afterwards "was incredibly helpful".

In a statement, he wrote: "I readily accept that, on reflection, fans genuinely believe the club communications have not been effective.

"My overall conclusion has reinforced a personal determination that, in addition to striving towards a sustainable financial future for the club wherever possible, the communication issue arguably requires radical and innovative thinking if this is to be successful.

"The board of directors has decided that a root-and-branch approach is required in order to provide a longer-term beneficial impact.

"It is therefore crucially important to identify as many aspects relating to fan involvement and communications as possible and we would welcome participation from all fans whether season ticket holders, those with occasional attendance at games and those with a genuine desire or intention for the club to succeed and prosper during future years.

"I sincerely hope this is seen as a 'blank sheet of paper' to potential fan engagement from the club’s perspective in relation to how the group would conduct their affairs."

The group's aims, according to another page on City's website, are to: create a constructive forum for supporters to discuss and put forward key subject matters with the board; initiate and continue direct, open and two-way communication between the club and supporters; allow the club to provide clarity and context on any key decisions; provide the broadest representation possible of the York City fanbase, representing key groups rather than individuals; and enable fans to play a key role in improving the supporter experience and shaping the future of the club going into the centenary season.

Club directors will be available to attend the meetings "if considered appropriate" Kilmartin said.

To sign up, visit yorkcityfootballclub.co.uk/supporters-advisory-group.