STEVE WATSON believes that his York City side need to be “more clinical and more composed” following their 2-0 victory over Whitby Town.

Clayton Donaldson scored twice for City in the first half to secure progression into the fourth qualifying round of the FA Cup, though both and his team-mates could so easily have had more.

The in-form Donaldson could very easily have finished with hat-trick had he taken any of the three chances he had in the second half while Harrison Hopper, Mackenzie Heaney and Jason Gilchrist all came close to joining him on the scoresheet.

While satisfied with the victory, Watson felt that the Minstermen could have shown a greater cutting edge up front.

“I was really pleased with the overall performance,” said the manager. “Again, I’m not so pleased with, call it finishing or great goalkeeping.

“It’s another one of those games where it could have been a lot more comfortable for me and Micky.

“I said to Clayton ‘Is there no room in your house for a match ball?’ because he could have had another hat-trick.

“Their keeper made a great save to Harrison Hopper at the start of the second half, that was fantastic.

“There were some great moves. But we need to be a lot more clinical and we need to be a lot more composed I think.

“I give the keeper a lot of credit, but a lot of them were good height for him. We’ll have a look at that next week.”

Aside from booking another tie in the Cup, the victory also provided City with an ideal response from the shock midweek defeat to Hereford in the league, with the victors bottom of the table before the match.

Asked if he was nervous in the build-up to the Whitby clash, Watson replied: “I think that every manager, maybe with the exception of Pep (Guardiola), who has got 28 fit internationals to play with, goes into it (with nerves).

“I always used to get into go into games being nervous and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that, having a bit of fire in your belly and some butterflies.

“It is no different as a manger. But sometimes as a manager it is not in your own hands as much as it was a player.

“It is in our hands. We have to turn the tide as a team, we have to get everybody positive again as a team.

“There’s no other way around it, other than hard work and victories. It’s as simple as that.

“Despite what we’ve had thrown our way, and we had another before the game, Josh King got food poisoning, only we can change it.

“We will work tirelessly to do that.”