"IF me talking openly about it helps just one other person then I will be happy."

So said York City Knights star Will Jubb, who will continue his inspirational sight loss charity work on Friday evening with a Sportsperson's Dinner event at the LNER Community Stadium.

Jubb has been an ambassador for Club Wilber, the children's arm of The Wilberforce Trust charity, since early 2020, having forged a successful career in rugby league despite only having one eye.

His right eye was removed at the age of just two but that did not prevent him going to feature for Hull KR in Super League before a move to the Knights.

Having seen his story featured in broadcast and national media earlier this year, Jubb insists that he welcomes discussing about his own personal experiences in order to help others.

"It's something that I'm happy to talk about," said Jubb. "If me talking openly about it helps just one other person then I will be happy.

"I'm happy to speak to anyone about it and it doesn't bother me. I would rather people know as it makes it easier for people around you.

"If my story can help other people, then I'll be more than happy."

Friday's event sees Jubb, Team GB paralympian Antonia Bunyan and drag racer Nigel Lamb all speaking about their stories in order to raise money for The Wilberforce Trust.

"The charity is amazing and it's something that is really close to mine and my family's hearts," said Jubb.

"It is so inclusive and it gets all of the families of children with sight problems involved.

"Everyone who works there puts in so much work and it'll be nice to show some more support on Friday night.

"It should be fantastic and it's a pleasure and an honour for me to be involved with it."

Commenting on the challenge of public speaking, Jubb added: "It's something a little bit different but I'm looking forward to it. Hopefully it'll be a good evening for everyone.

"I believe I am speaking on the night, so hopefully I won't bore everyone too much," he laughed.