BRADFORD City have vowed not to do business with York “for the foreseeable future” after a row erupted over the way the non-league club unveiled Clayton Donaldson.

York announced the striker’s return to the club over a month ago and he has been paraded in the new kit.

Although Donaldson has been playing in pre-season friendlies, his contract with York is not dated to start until August 1.

The Bantams were left disappointed by a post on York’s Twitter account that they feel was “completely incorrect and largely misleading”.

In it, York said: “Clayton Donaldson is still under contract with Bradford City and, at his former team’s request, he cannot be named in York City matchday squads.

“For this reason, he will be known until August 1 as THE ‘Don Trialist’.”

Bradford insist they never made that demand but are unhappy they are effectively picking up the bill for him currently.

Player contracts traditionally begin at the start of July and end on June 30.

The severance clause in a player’s contract ensures they receive a further month’s salary if without a club for July. If a player signs for less, at a new club, his former one has to make up the difference.

Bantams chief executive Ryan Sparks said: “We are disappointed with the way it’s been handled and discussions had been private and professional on our part until Sunday’s bizarre social media posts from York, which have undoubtedly led to questions that need addressing.

“York announced him very early when he was still on our payroll and certain assurances were given in follow-up conversations after we discovered the August contract start date.

“We were told he would be named as a trialist, playing on his own insurance, and it was unlikely he would be involved in anything other than matches.

“You can appreciate we were surprised to see him launching a new York shirt, let alone scoring the winning goal as a named player in their first pre-season friendly soon after.

“York have chosen to make a sharp yet short-sighted business move, which means they can make the most of Clayton’s ‘signing’ - put bums on seats, sell shirts - but ultimately avoid paying him for a little while longer.

“That is not standard practice across the National League. We deal with many clubs in the north and south divisions who have signed players on 52-week contracts.

“When I asked for clarification on why that happened, I was met by two rather abrupt and unprofessional responses. I recognised I was getting no further.

“York are playing by the rules but it’s not great for club-to-club relations and a few different parties have been complicit in a contract which ultimately sees Bradford City pick up the tab.”

Sparks contacted York manager Steve Watson yesterday to make it clear that Bradford will not be doing business with them in the future.

“Steve was naturally disappointed but understood from our perspective that the relationship has been impacted,” he said.

“There’s no integrity and trust at this stage. We try to run Bradford City as best we can and be honest and open with our colleagues in all divisions.

"Professionalism is important and this transaction has been far from professional.

“To then be provoked by a message on social media seems unnecessary and rather poor for a club of York City’s stature.”

York have responded by saying: "Clayton Donaldson is currently under contract with Bradford City and is due to start his contract with York City on August 1 upon the completion of his previous deal, as stated in the original release."