IT is uplifting to see the England football team reaching the final of Euro 2020.

This team is utterly different to the others I have seen in my life. Instead of players celebrating by getting rat-faced in nightclubs after matches, we have a bunch who are team players, respectful of others, thoughtful and fearless. And very skilful.

It’s good to see the players taking the knee before each match, showing solidarity with the fight against racism. And great that they are role models engaged with social and community issues.

Southgate, as manager, is lifting a nation without reviving those old nationalist slogans or encouraging xenophobia.

At last we have a manager who has found a way of driving a team forwards based on a love of football and the recognition that it is just a game. A beautiful game that can bring nations together.

No surprise that, freed from that nasty baggage that has plagued English football for decades, this team is the one to reach the finals of a major championship.

After a 55 year wait.

We're up against an Italian team that is also playing really well.

It should be a great match!

Christian Vassie

Blake Court,

Wheldrake, York