YORK cafe owner Dan Harker had to make an emergency purchase the day after England's historic semi-final win in the Euros.

He had to find a new England flag to hang outside his take-away in Fossgate after jubilant fans pinched two flags from the premises after England's 2-1 defeat of Denmark on Wednesday night.

But Dan, who runs Flick and Alfreds with mum Annette, said he didn't mind at all. "I don't blame them," he told The Press. "We managed to get another one - it is the one that you put on a car so we have had to adapt it to pop it into one of our hanging baskets."

Dan posted a light-hearted comment about the cheeky theft on social media under the hashtag #CrimeOfTheCentury: "I don't believe it! Came in this morning and someone has actually STOLEN our England flags!!! I may have to contact MI5 or our local constabulary!"

York Press: Dan's lighthearted post on Instagram after England flags were stolen from his cafeDan's lighthearted post on Instagram after England flags were stolen from his cafe

Dan said he saw the funny side. "It was funny. We had to pop out yesterday and get a flag from the souvenir shop in King's Square."

He said flags were hard to come by so he had a plan to keep this one safe. "I am being crafty! When we close for the day I am bringing the flag inside!

He said he was looking forward to Sunday's final against Italy. He will be watching the match at home with the family.

"It will be edge of the seat stuff and very tough, but England will win - they have home advantage."

He added the cafe was always closed on a Monday - particularly welcome news for this week coming!

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