THESE are the answers to the ultimate Euro 2020 quiz created by York's SpeedQuizzers experts.

SpeedQuizzing, founded by Alan and John Leach, wanted to test how much people actually know about the teams, players, managers and grounds set to feature in the event.

If you've accidentally clicked on this article and would like to put your knowledge to the test first, take the quiz here...

York Press: Founders of SpeedQuizzing Alan and John Leach.Founders of SpeedQuizzing Alan and John Leach.

Answers to the upcoming tournament section:

Q1. Rome

Q2. Hansi Flick

Q3. 24

Q4. Ferenc Puskas (Puskas Arena)

Q5. Roberto Mancini

Q6. Wembley

Q7. D – Northern Ireland

Q8. 11

Q9. Czech Republic

Q10. Belgium

Answers to the past tournaments section:

Q11. Portugal

Q12. Gareth Southgate

Q13. 1996

Q14. Henri Delaunay

Q15. 4

Q16. Soviet Union

Q17. Spain

Q18. Iceland

Q19. 1992

Q20. Antonin Panenka