BRADFORD Bulls star Jordan Lilley has labelled York City Knights as "embarrassing" as the visitors expressed their concern at the size of the Odsal pitch.

Last week it was revealed that Bradford's home ground would fall below the RFL's minimum standards for width, but the governing body gave the Bulls special dispensation to play York on the pitch.

Before the game, York measured the pitch and found it to be 50.8 metres wide, less than the 52 metres they were assured it would be, according to head coach James Ford.

"There was a lot of moaning and groaning over the week, especially from the York side of things," said Lilley.

"Watching them before the game measuring it out as if there was something they could do about it was quite embarrassing.

"Both teams have got to play on that field, so it's no advantage to us.

"It didn't benefit either team, having the smaller pitch, but it's a rugby game at the end of the day and we're both fighting to try and win."

York boss Ford said: “It stopped us playing from where we would normally like to play with the ball because there’s no short sides.

“If you don’t come through the middle of the field, you can only attack one way.

"Having said that, I thought Bradford executed their attacking play better than us.

“There were a couple of occasions where they opened us up on the edges on a really tiny field, so that was disappointing.

“That didn’t cost us the game, but it’s just disappointing that we’ve been misled.”