CITY of York Athletic Club had an excellent day in Middlesbrough, where two youngsters broke club records and cemented their high UK rankings.

Under-15 long-jumper Emily Maude and U13 javelin-thrower Archie Wright are ranked first and second in their respective categories after an outstanding competition last Sunday.

Maude's 5.65-metre leap in the U15 girls' long jump was the best jump by an U15 girl since 2018 and placed her in the top 50 best UK long jumps of all time by an U15 girl.

Wright threw 31.92m in the javelin to break a 20-year-old club record by more than two metres.

More than 30 athletes turned out for City of York at a blustery Teesside, where a good number more personal bests were broken.

"Well done to those athletes and all others who represented City of York AC with such enthusiasm and ability," commented a spokesman.

There were strong turn-outs at Hull and Sheffield as well. More than 25 City of York athletes made the event at Woodburn Road in Sheffield feel like a home match, while U23 Maria Schofield set a new senior ladies club record in the hammer throw at Hull with a 53m effort.

* Results from Middlesbrough on Sunday 9 are below.

Hurdles: 70m - Carys Francis 12.76, Sophie Williams 13.58, Nina Hopkins 15.09; 80m - Frances Hogg 12.38, Rosie Hickling 13.12; 100m - Joseph Edwards 15.93, Isaac Henson 16.64.

Jumps: Long jump - Matthew Bradley 3.89m, Emily Maude 5.65m, Esme Pounder 5.06m, Isaac Bastow 4.78m, Frances Hogg 5.44m, Rebecca Lister 5.06m, Ella Wright 4.62m.

Middle distance: 1500m - Ellie Johnson 5:25.96, Annabelle Coxon 5:28.31, Aimee Keefe 5:33.01, Nina Hopkins 5:47.08, Sophie Robertson-Dover 5:10.47, Martha Sigsworth 5:29.10.

Sprints: 75m - Florence Illingsworth 12.95; 100m - Matthew Bradley 14.06, Sophie Williams 14.51, Olivia Tweddle 13.84, Nancy Marshall 14.19, Rosie Hickling 13.63, Syd Marshall 12.65, Louis How 11.94, Will Meigh 12.14; 200m - Olivia Tweddle 28.80, Grace Green-Hemmings 27.82, Carys Francis 30.00, Emily Maude 26.75, Esme Pounder 26.86, Isaac Bastow 27.26, Syd Marshall 26.10, Louis How 24.31, Will Meigh 24.52, Rob Shipley 22.06.

Throws: Javelin - Alexander Chalmers 34.85, Alice Hadaway 27.68, Maya Lindridge 26.82, Lewis Rutter 38.48, Archie Wright 31.92, Grace Green-Hemmings 26.62; Shot put - Craig Pounder 10.87m, Ella Wright 8.52m, Rebecca Lister 8.47m, Isaac Henson 9.73m, Lewis Rutter 8.96m, Archie Wright 8.80m, Aaron Rutter 12.50m.

* Results from Hull on May 8 are below.

Hurdles: 80m - Rosie Hickling 14.20, Grace Gannon 14.56; 100m Joe Edwards 16.40.

Middle distance: 800m - Kate Setchell 2:47.44.

Sprints: 75m - Kate Setchell 11.65; 100m - Freya Vidal 12.92, Rosie Hickling 13.56; 200m - Freya Vidal 27.05, Grace Gannon 28.95.

Throws: Discus - Andrea Greaves 23.76m, Tegan Wilson 23.51m; Hammer - Maria Schofield 53m; Javelin - Luke Robinson 54.29m, Oliver Wright 53.97m; Shot put - Andrea Greaves 9.11m.

* Results from Sheffield on May 3 are below.

Hurdles: 75m - Esme Pounder (U15) 11.87

Jumps: High jump - Esme Pounder (U15) 1.58m.

Middle distance: 3000m - Joe O’Brien (U20) 8:46.25, Gianluca Mastrolonardo (U17) 9:19.61; 1500m Lottie Langan (U15) 4:39.37.