YORK City fans have paid tribute to the organisation of 'Farewell, Bootham Crescent' events.

Covid restrictions have reduced the opportunities available to the club to give supporters the chance to say goodbye ahead of the move to the Community Stadium.

But City have adapted to the demands, and in the past week have hosted a 'play-on-the-pitch' supporters' match and turned off the floodlights for the final time.

It has not been ideal, but these were touching events and appreciated by those fortunate enough to be involved.

Rob Lee, who assisted a goal for the Reds against the Blues on Saturday, commented: "I'd just like to say thank you to Chris (Pegg, commercial manager) and Dan (Simmonite, media officer) for organising it. Without them, I don't think I would have had the opportunity to play the final game at Bootham Crescent.

"I know Dan and Chris have done a lot for the club and us fans appreciate what they've done for the supporters."

A long-time season ticket holder, Rob added of the occasion: "There were mixed emotions. I was excited to be able to play where I've grown up watching from the terrace on a Saturday.

"But you've got that many feelings running through your body - it was sad, very sad.

"It was a case of giving it a good send-off. There were a lot of happy faces to be able to play on the pitch but at the end of the game, it was hard to take in that we won't be playing there any more."

Chris Tune smashed in a goal in front of the David Longhurst Stand for the Blues in their 8-6 win.

"To be able to score a goal and to be on the winning side just capped it off. It couldn't have been a better day," he said.

"It gives me a lot of heart that York fans were given the honour of the last game. Rather than a forgettable league game, it's York City fans represented on the pitch and I think that's the best way it could have been honoured.

"For those that were involved, the event was fantastically organised by the club and I want to say a huge thank you to Dan. It felt like a well-organised and well-rounded day.

"After the game we were able to walk around the pitch and soak it in. That was much appreciated as well."

Commentating on the game for the YouTube livestream was Robert Havercroft. A familiar voice to anyone who has been to Bootham Crescent, Robert has been the stadium announcer for every home game since he made his debut in August 1999.

"They couldn't do a big farewell and this was the next best thing," he commented. "Two or three hundred watched the livestream, and it's had more views since.

"It was an entertaining game of football and a fitting game for the fans to see off the club.

"I'm sure the players, managers and officials had an enjoyable afternoon - something they'll never forget."