THE floodlights at Bootham Crescent were turned off for the very final time last night as York City make the move from their home ground of 89 years.

Owing to coronavirus restrictions, attendance to watch the lights be extinguished was sadly limited. A score of City fans gathered outside to pay their respects.

The honour of switching the lights off went to James 'Trigger' Abraham. An ever-present volunteer at the ground and a familiar face to all associated with the club, he flicked the switch at 8.52pm.

City had put on a supporters' raffle for the chance to turn the lights off. The winner, Ann Laing - herself a season ticket holder of 50 years - asked that a "more deserving" person be given the opportunity.

As the lights were warming up, stadium development director Ian McAndrew said: "The one thing to me that's really iconic and can be seen from all over the city are these tall floodlights.

"Whether you're coming to a game or not, you're driving down Wigginton Road or Crichton Avenue bridge and you think, 'Oh, there's something going on at Bootham Crescent'.

"People in the hospital will see the lights.

"It might be the Knights, it could be the club, it could be youngsters.

"And they're going to finish tonight. This is never going to happen again.

"Of all the things that are happening - the lights are on (now) and, I know it's a bit corny, but they're going off, and that's it.

"It's more than just Bootham Crescent and it's more than just football.

"There's a lot of people who have maybe never been in here but driven by and thought, 'City must be playing'.

"You won't see that again.

"It's quite special.

"It's great to have James put them on. He's probably volunteered at this stadium more than most people.

"This is a real 'finished' something. The rest of the journey of leaving Bootham Crescent hasn't been finalised yet.

"But these lights won't be lit up again."