YORK City's 2020/21 season has officially been declared null and void.

More than two months after clubs voted to end the campaign at Step 2, the decision has been ratified by the FA Council.

Though it was taken to be the case since the supplementary 'mini-league' proposals were struck down, this confirms that there will be no promotion or relegation from Step 2 (or relegation from Step 1) this season.

On February 1, following a sustained row over the nature of funding during the coronavirus pandemic, the league distributed formal 'resolutions to consider the end of the season'.

These were returned on February 18 with 24 teams across National League North and South divisions in favour.

No games have taken place in either division since, despite a short-lived bid to instigate a post-season supplementary mini-league competition to allow teams to fight for promotion.

The FA finally put the matter to bed on the evening of April 23.