STEVE ROBERTS believes there could be advantages to the proposed restructure of the National League System - and hopes decisions are made as swiftly as possible.

Plans have been in the pipeline since the 2019/20 season to give the NLS feeder leagues a makeover but these were put on hold by the coronavirus pandemic.

Included in the plans is the addition of a new division at Step 4 - at which Pickering Town play, in the Northern Premier League north/west division - and two new divisions at Step 5.

And following the premature end of the 2020/21 campaign, this restructure may now come to light.

Non-league football seasons from Step 2 down were ended earlier this year as a result of the coronavirus pandemic - but where National League divisions North and South were declared null and void, Steps 3 to 6 were “curtailed”.

With a null and void call, records from that season are expunged, while for a curtailed season, records are kept. The reason such wording was employed is so teams can be moved around on merit as required for the restructure.

With more divisions across which to spread teams, there is the hope that competitions could become more regionalised - which could be a boost for Pickering, who are one of the more isolated sides in the division.

“I’m hoping they don’t drag their heels,” said Pikes boss Roberts. “It will probably benefit a lot of clubs with the travel times.

“Players sometimes do look at the travelling you’re doing. If you’re off to Liverpool and Marine in midweek, it’s a lot to do, getting back at half past one, two o’clock (in the morning).

“If they do regionalise it, it will make it a hell of a lot easier for a lot of clubs.

"I think they need to have some clarity on that as early as possible.

“I’ll be right behind it because it will potentially help a lot of clubs.

“You’ve got teams in Liverpool and the far side of Manchester. If you can cut down on those, it will be of benefit, just on costs alone.

“Fingers crossed they do get moving on it.”