JAMES FORD bemoaned the number of errors made by York City Knights as they fall to a 21-6 defeat to Toulouse Olympique.

For the second season running York were beaten by Toulouse in the opening round of the Betfred Championship.

On this occasion the Knights were unable to build on a positive start brought about by Ben Jones-Bishop’s try and were left to rue the quantity of their mistakes.

With set completion standing at around 50 per cent, it was always going to be a long afternoon for York, especially against the division’s promotion favourites.

York head coach Ford said: “I thought that the effort was tremendous and I thought that it was a very intense encounter, in terms of the contact.

“We were made to work really hard by our own mistakes. You can’t beat teams like Toulouse completing at around 50 per cent.

“You’re giving away field position and you’re giving away possession of the ball and you’re draining your energy rather than theirs.

“Against Sheffield and London, we probably made too many errors but we were good enough to withstand it and today we’ve increased the amount of errors and unfortunately we weren’t good enough to withstand it.”

“Completion was at low 50 per cent in the first half and low 50s in the second. We completed one set in the first 10 minutes of the second half.

“If you wrote down a way of how you were going to lose that would be it.

"That has a massive impact and knock-on effect on everything across the board.”

“Some of the offload selections that we made were just bizarre, just throwing possession away and just disrespectful. It’s not how we play and it’s not how good teams play.”