MEMBERS of the FA Council were not asked to ratify the null and void season at Step 2 when they met on Thursday evening, it has been reported.

York City's National League North season was brought to a sudden halt on February 18 when the results of the league-wide vote to declare the 2020/21 campaign null and void came through.

Though the decision appears to have been taken as final, it must be approved by the Alliance Committee and the FA Council.

Last week, the Alliance Committee put their stamp of approval on the decision and it was expected that they would ask the FA Council for final ratification on Thursday.

The Council was, though, asked to vote on the curtailment of Steps 3 to 6. That call will be followed keenly by Step 4 sides Pickering Town and Tadcaster Albion, and Step 6 outfit Selby Town. Sides should hear the outcome in the next few days.