YORK City Knights’ off-season recruit Brendan O’Hagan has lauded the club for helping him settle into the city following his move from Australia.

The half-back was one of a number of additions to the Knights ahead of the start of the 2021 season, having previously been on the books at NRL sides Newcastle Knights, Canberra Raiders and Wests Tigers without making an appearance in the Australian top flight.

In normal times, the process of moving continents is difficult, but is especially so amid the coronavirus pandemic and the restrictions currently in place in the UK.

Despite that though, O’Hagan is coping well with the move.

He said: “It’s been really good. I love the city - it’s a great place that I’ve fallen into and it’s such a great club.

“It’s been a tough time during Covid because I’ve not been able to get out and see the sights. But I’ve had a great support base here and I’m having back-and-forth messages from people at the club to make sure that my stay has been smooth.

“The fans here obviously love the club and it’s been really good to see the support behind the club. It’s really good to see our city have a side like this and the stadium that we’ve got now.

“I’ve settled in really well and I can’t wait for the year to roll on and see what happens.”

A route to more familiar circumstances was laid out in the Government's roadmap last month.

O’Hagan added: “I can’t wait to go wait out, have a look around and play some golf too. I’ve been hanging for that.

“I can’t wait to just get around too. There’s so many beautiful places in England and Yorkshire that I want to see. Hopefully the restrictions do ease off and on my days off I can shoot to different places and have a look around. I’m really excited about that.”