A YORK boxing trainer has added another fighter to his expanding gym after forming a partnership with a manager from the city.

Stephen Melton’s TSM Gym have linked up with manager Glenn Banks and, as a result, Hull-based female fighter Chelsey Arnell has joined the stable.

Arnell has been managed by Banks since making her professional debut back in November 2019, where she battled a draw against Vaida Masiokaite at the KCOM Stadium.

When the 30-year-old needed a change of trainer, Banks pointed her in Melton’s direction.

Explaining the original link-up, Banks said: “When we met, she told me about how she’d had 31 amateurs and all about who she’d boxed for and what she’d won. She thought that she was ready to turn professional.

“She’s had one professional fight at the KCOM Stadium in Hull and she got a draw against a very experienced Lithuanian opponent. We’re trying to build upon that record, build her up and see how far we can get her.

“We’ve got high hopes for her because she’s got a lot of experience behind her.

“She’s fitted in well at the gym, she’s enjoying and she’s always got a smile on her face and it’s all about developing her and adding to that style.

“She’s a boxer-mover but she can also dig too.”

On her move to the York gym, Banks added: “She came to me, saying that she was looking for a new trainer and I thought that it would be the perfect opportunity to invite her to York to be part of our team and for Steve to train her.

“She’s fitted into the team brilliantly and we’ve got high hopes for her.”

The coronavirus pandemic has affected many people in sport, including Banks, who was unable to work out of the York Masters Boxing Club due to Government restrictions.

Melton’s TSM Gym remained open to professionals and the pairing merged from there.

“When the pandemic happened, the York Masters Boxing Club shut,” Banks explained. “Steve remained opened because he had professionals training there, one of those being Jamie Kirby who I manage.

“Me and Will needed a place to train so Steve let us be part of his gym and his team and we’ve forged that partnership together.

“We’re buzzing off each other and we’re both very ambitious and we want to raise the profile of professional boxing in York.

“It’s already in the best position that it’s ever been in in its history, especially with Henry Wharton and his team of fighters as well.

“Together, we can really raise the profile of professional boxing here.”

At present, Banks’ boxers are unable to fight on small hall shows due to the current restrictions, though should the Government’s roadmap be delivered on time, a return to action could come by June.

Banks said: “We’re waiting for the Government’s decision on whether they deem it safe for crowds to be back in at small hall shows and, if so, how many people they’ll allow in.

“The final decision though is with the British Boxing Board of Control. I’m hoping that at least by September we’ll be in full flow again.

“There’s talk of promoters booking shows in June and July but realistically, is that going to happen? I’m not so sure, in my personal opinion.”