SELBY Town's interim chairman Dave Haddock is looking ahead to a positive and inclusive future.

Haddock took charge at Richard Street just before Christmas when long-time chairman Ralph Pearse took a leave of absence, and he has remained in the position after Pearse left the role a week and a half ago.

A full-time chairman is due to be chosen at the club's annual general meeting in the summer, when Haddock hopes he will be handed the reins on a longer-term basis.

Pearse was Selby's chairman for more than a decade and Haddock acknowledges that there may be unease among supporters after such a change.

But the new chief is hopeful fans will come to like what they see, with Selby recently becoming an equality chartered club with the Kick It Out anti-discrimination campaign and a supporter survey on its way.

"We've got the right people on the committee and in the club," Haddock said. "In the last week we've announced a lot of changes and there is more to come.

"I want to put more of a focus on the committee making decisions - I want everybody to be involved.

"We're a community club and I want to get supporters involved. We will be putting out a survey this weekend asking how supporters would like to see in the future.

"I want views on everything - community work, charities and organisations, and fundraising that we could get involved with.

"We want input on communication, how we can communicate better and put their thoughts into the club.

"The more information they can give us, the better.

"As a club, I think we've got the right people in place to move the club forward. We're of the same mindset and on the same page.

"With Ralph retiring after 11, 12 years, there is going to be a lot of people worried or having doubts.

"Hopefully our actions will turn people in our favour and bring positivity back, because there is a lot to be positive about at Selby Town."

One such area of positivity under Haddock's guidance is the Robins' strengthened links to Kick It Out.

The club became mired in controversy last year when they twice considered, and twice pulled back from, offering Reece Thompson the chance to sign. Thompson was convicted of domestic violence in 2019.

Haddock, who had opposed the decision to offer Thompson a trial, wants the Kick It Out connection to be a badge of honour to show that Selby Town is a club for all.

"We've made mistakes in the past," Haddock said, pointing to the Thompson "debacle". "We hold our hands up to it.

"It's all about our actions moving forward.

"We want to talk about the things we're passionate about and Kick It Out is a great campaign about equality and inclusion.

"Football should be for everyone.

"It's showing to our supporters and the public that inequality and discrimination aren't happening at Selby. Anybody who steps through that gate is welcome."

In on-field matters, Selby's Northern Counties East League campaign has been "curtailed" but not officially declared null and void, like last season.

A restructure of non-league has been on the cards for a while now and Haddock suspects the league is holding onto this season's few results to assist in re-allocating teams - though with Selby bottom of the league, he hopes relegation will not be part of these plans.