NATIONAL League boss Mark Ives says the league will consider the #LetUsPlay proposal.

York City were one of 18 clubs to call for the league to allow the clubs that wish to continue to do so, despite a majority of Step 2 clubs voting in favour of a null and void decision.

The resolution has yet to be ratified by the FA and thus, the clubs hoping to finish out the season remain in hope.

Ives, the National League general manager, told The Non-League Show: "I think it's in the best interest of the league that we should listen to all the clubs, either side of the fence - I believe that's right.

"Do I believe that there's an opportunity to consider an alternative, viable solution - (there was) a very well-crafted letter put to the league on what might possibly happen - do I believe we should consider that, yes, I do.

"The gift of this is in the FA as the resolution that has been put together is not binding and the FA have the ability whether to accept it or not.

"And, the FA, as a central body, are responsible for the National League System, so anything that is suggested would need to go through the Alliance Committee and ultimately, the FA Council.

"So, do I think that it's in our best interests to present everything, so that they can consider what is the right thing to do, yes, of course, I do."

Ives added that the league do not believe it is right to continue to season until the FA's ratification, as has been argued by some clubs due to the potentially damaging financial implications on those who are in no position to keep playing.