A NUMBER of Step 2 clubs have said they will fight against the National League's verdict to null and void the 2020/21 season.

Gloucester City, Dorking Wanderers and AFC Fylde have all issued statements following the news that the majority of Step 2 clubs voted to end the current campaign.

A number of clubs in the North and South divisions were unhappy at the prospect of taking loans, rather than grants which had previously been in place, in order to complete the season.

However, those arguing against null and void, have said they are now considering legal action against the National League to overturn the decision.

A Dorking Wanderers statement, published on Thursday evening, read: "Following tonight’s announcement that Step 2 is null and void with immediate effect, we would like to confirm that we are extremely disappointed with the outcome of the resolutions put to National League member clubs.

"We fully recognise the varying challenges and support those member clubs that had concerns about their clubs existence and survival, given the misleading information received surrounding grants, and we felt strongly from day one that these clubs should be protected.

"As a club however, we did not feel that a vote was necessary. Instead we felt that a much more collaborative approach was required given the very difficult circumstances people found themselves in.

"We also thought on top of that that it wouldn’t require a vote to enable people to opt out of the league for the season.

"Then the vote (and resolutions) were brought forward, and we were extremely concerned to see that the league were attempting to change the constitutional voting.

"This was a clear sign that, given the only clubs that had requested for the season to finish were North and South clubs, it was a way in which the National League could deliver on this resolution to protect their own interests.

"Indeed, it created a direct conflict of interest by the National League voting for the voting to change, which meant that in the event that Step 2 was null and void they would avoid relegation, so there was an incentive to vote for Resolution 1 (the voting constitution to change).

"At this stage we are in ongoing dialogue with our legal team and are taking high level legal advice to ascertain the validity of the resolution."

Gloucester City, who were top of the National League North table when the season suspended, have also said they will resort to legal action.

Gloucester co-chairman Alex Petheram said on Twitter: "Disappointing is the word of the day.... but we're never out (of) the fight.

"I can confirm that we have now formally started legal action at Gloucester City Football Club against the 'null and void' outcome.

"This isn't to make club play on, it's to allow promotion and relegation. #PromoteStep2".

AFC Fylde, who were second in the North division, have also publicly stated their anger at the verdict.

They said on Twitter: "In light of yesterday's resolution, we are deeply disappointed with the outcome. We firmly believe that there is an alternative solution.

"Our stance is unchanged and we will fight to continue to 2020/21 National League North season. #Step2Continue"