FORMER York City Knights forward Craig Forsyth is closing in on completing his epic 3,000 mile rowing trek across the Atlantic Ocean.

Forsyth began his challenge in mid-December to raise money for the Motor Neurone Disease Assocation and Sporting Chance charities.

The 50-year-old played more than 130 times for York.

With the weather and waves against him, Forsyth had to drop the sea anchor and wait out six days without movement, but he has since been able to get going again.

“I am no longer going around in a circle and I am actually making headway towards Antigua,” he wrote on Twitter. “I can’t tell you how happy that makes me.

“The six days on sea anchor prison were testing on the mind and spirit, however that is in the past now, though ingrained in my memory, that’s for sure.

“The wave heights have varied a bit - it can be quite unnerving watching your horizon disappear as you sink to the bottom of the trough and the sea just rises all around you.

“But then the boat raises up as if in an elevator and you then find yourself on the crest of the wave wondering if it will break or just allow you back down gently.

“(I had) a couple of dolphin sightings, one came alongside (the boat) and played in the surf as I attempted to surf the boat. They were far better at surfing than I was!”

He added in a later update: "I think it is a few weeks now since we got going again after time on the sea anchor.

"Some strong winds to begin with have since mellowed and now are even less. The winds are still coming from the east. It's still the best point of the compass so we couldn't wish for anything else really.

"The sea state today was very frustrating as again it was coming from different directions all at the same time. This has made rowing a bit difficult as I was forever catching the oars as the sea bobbled around but at least we were moving forward, which is what I keep reminding myself."

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