THE National League has offered its clubs three options as it looks to continue to the season.

Numerous clubs have opposed the ruling that the £11million Winter Survival Package will only be available in the form of loans rather than grants.

Grants through the National Lottery were given to National League clubs last year, allowing them to kick off the season behind closed doors.

Many now oppose having to take loans while still being unable to let fans into grounds amid the pandemic and have called on football’s authorities to act.

In response, the National League has held meetings with its clubs and asked for their views on three potential options.

The first is that clubs apply for loans through Sport England. The second is that the National League would operate a loan from Sport England to be distributed to clubs as grants, based on need. And the third is that the season is suspended, with a decision made on how to resume at a later date.

The National League Board plan to meet tomorrow to discuss the options given to clubs. It is expected that the all league clubs will be able to fulfill their fixtures this weekend and the following midweek.