YORK City's legacy plans for Bootham Crescent have been positively received by supporters.

The club on Tuesday unveiled their plans, which include recreating the 'five-minute' flag, marking out the centre circle and retaining a section of the tunnel underneath the Popular Stand.

Historic England - with whom the club is collaborating on the project - has branded the plans as "gold-standard" and hopes other clubs will follow City's example.

Steve Saxton, a season ticket holder since 1984, said: "In terms of legacy of the site, a lot of clubs moving, it turns into a token gesture and it fades into memory.

"With this, it's going to be great that such a unique feature (the Popular Stand tunnel) will be retained in itself and it will also help to remember where the orientation of the stadium is and where things used to be.

"I'm very happy with the proposals that have been put forward.

"It's an excellent collaboration with the Historic England guys and both sides are to be commended for that."