YORK City fan Chuitar has returned with a new track to mark the end of City's time at Bootham Crescent.

Chuitar's songs have previously soundtracked the club’s hat-trick of Wembley successes in 2012 and 2017.

The song, a reworking of The Stone Roses' 1989 song, Bye Bye Badman, was premiered on BBC Radio York on Friday morning. It is accompanied by a lyric video featuring photos of the ground submitted to Chuitar by fans on social media.

Chuitar said: “This obviously hasn't been the departure from Bootham Crescent that the fans or the club were hoping for, but I wanted to record something to mark the occasion.

"It's essentially a love letter to a place which means so much to so many of us, and which I think we'll all miss more than we even realise."Obviously we need to look forward to making fresh memories at the new ground, but it's been really nice to collect together so many fans' photos of the old one for the video."

Chuitar added: “The video seems to be going down really well and the club are behind it too. There’s talk of making it the last-ever song to be played over the Tannoy at the ground.”

The full lyrics of the song are below the video.


Soak us to the skin
On the Shippo with no roof on
Walwyn scores. And City win.
Now we’ve reached the end
They say our old ground’s had its time
I don’t care, I love it there

Every bad match and heart they broke
We’d still come back for more
To hear the Longhurst roar  

Here we go
Do we want to? I don’t know
No Burton Stone for you but
We’ll still be red and blue and
Always be York City
But I’ll leave a little part of me
Bye bye Bootham
Bye bye

We beat Arsenal there
Cheered for Bottom, Brodie, Banton
Matty Blair and Ginner’s hair

It’s been bought and paid, thanks to Douglas Craig
There’ll be houses on a shrine
Didn’t even get to say goodbye

Here we go
Do we want to? I don’t know
Got a new home, it’s true but
we’ll still be red and blue and
Won’t forget Connelly
Smashing one past Man City
Bye bye Bootham
Bye bye

I’ve got reservations
Cos they’re gonna knock you down
Build houses on our
Dreams and wishes
But we won’t forget that ground

After we’ve had vaccinations
And this whole thing’s turning round
We’ll still support them
In the new place
But we’ll always love our old ground